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This page describes the use cases and project from the view of Creators.


This section is dedicated to Marketing Managers, Project Promoters, and Artists — hereafter referred to as "creators" — to provide them with a detailed guide on utilizing /Reach to elevate engagement and foster meaningful discussions within their communities or projects.

What is Get Reach?

/Reach is a cutting-edge marketing and rewards platform specifically designed for Web3 communities. It functions through a Web App, enabling creators to select Twitter content for promotion by offering rewards in $REACH for community engagement, including likes, retweets, and comments. This approach aims to connect projects with high-quality Web3 audiences, significantly increasing content visibility and engagement. Participants are rewarded in $REACH, streamlining the process and enhancing the value for both creators and the community.

How to Get Started

To engage with /Reach, begin by connecting your Twitter account and purchasing $REACH tokens using the Base network. Here's how:

  1. Visit https://app.getreach.xyz/welcome to connect your Twitter account.

  2. Acquire $REACH tokens through Uniswap, the contract can be found using the link below: https://dexscreener.com/base/0x2307311c861924648b3157fd6f47f6fbce762abd

  3. Send $REACH tokens to your in-app wallet which can be found using at https://app.getreach.xyz/wallet

  4. Create your first mission using the "Create a mission" page: https://app.getreach.xyz/create

It's important to know that the /Reach Platform runs on the Base network. The in-app wallet also operates on Base. You can simply purchase $REACH Tokens on Ethereum Mainnet and bridge them using https://superbridge.app/base/$Reach More information on bridging can be found on the $REACH Token page.

Missions Overview

Missions are creator-initiated campaigns designed to boost engagement on Twitter content. With the shift from premium/featured missions to "Engage" missions, creators now have the flexibility to select missions based on different durations and audience quality.

Types of Engage Missions:

  • 1-Hour Mission: Ideal for quick engagement boosts, priced at 100 $REACH.

  • 6-Hour Mission: Balances immediacy with sustained engagement, priced at 300 $REACH.

  • 24-Hour Mission: Maximizes exposure and interaction over a full day, priced at 1000 $REACH.

Rewards are now exclusively distributed in $REACH to participants, aligning with the platform's Web3 ethos and simplifying the reward process.

Audience Quality:

You have the option to refine the audience quality for your mission, choosing to engage a smaller, higher-quality group by targeting a 'Premium' audience. Opting for this premium audience doubles the mission's cost.

Analytics (coming soon)

Analytics on mission outcomes provide creators with insights into engagement levels and the impact of their campaigns. This feature is currently under development and will be available soon, offering detailed metrics on likes, retweets, comments, total interactions, and the effectiveness of the Reach platform in enhancing tweet visibility. (coming soon)

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