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This page describes the use cases and project from the view of Creators.


This section is dedicated to Marketing Managers, Project Promoters, and Artists — hereafter referred to as "creators" — to provide them with a detailed guide on utilizing /Reach to elevate engagement and foster meaningful discussions within their communities or projects.

What is Get Reach?

/Reach is a cutting-edge marketing and rewards platform specifically designed for Web3 communities. It functions through a Web App, enabling creators to select Twitter content for promotion by offering rewards in $REACH for community engagement, including likes, retweets, and comments. This approach aims to connect projects with high-quality Web3 audiences, significantly increasing content visibility and engagement. Participants are rewarded in $REACH, streamlining the process and enhancing the value for both creators and the community.

How to Get Started

To engage with /Reach, begin by connecting your Twitter account and purchasing $REACH tokens using the Base network. Here's how:

  1. Visit https://app.getreach.xyz/welcome to connect your Twitter account.

  2. Acquire $REACH tokens through Uniswap, the contract can be found using the link below: https://dexscreener.com/base/0x2307311c861924648b3157fd6f47f6fbce762abd

  3. Send $REACH tokens to your in-app wallet which can be found using at https://app.getreach.xyz/wallet

  4. Create your first mission using the "Create a mission" page: https://app.getreach.xyz/create

It's important to know that the /Reach Platform runs on the Base network. The in-app wallet also operates on Base. You can simply purchase $REACH Tokens on Ethereum Mainnet and bridge them using https://superbridge.app/base/$Reach More information on bridging can be found on the $REACH Token page.

Missions Overview

Missions are creator-initiated campaigns designed to boost engagement on Twitter content. With the shift from premium/featured missions to "Engage" missions, creators now have the flexibility to select missions based on different durations and audience quality.

Types of Engage Missions:

  • 1-Hour Mission: Ideal for quick engagement boosts, priced at 400 $REACH.

  • 6-Hour Mission: Balances immediacy with sustained engagement, priced at 600 $REACH.

  • 24-Hour Mission: Maximizes exposure and interaction over a full day, priced at 1000 $REACH.

Rewards are now exclusively distributed in $REACH to participants, aligning with the platform's Web3 ethos and simplifying the reward process.

Audience Quality: (Premium missions)

You have the option to refine the audience quality for your mission, choosing to engage a smaller, higher-quality group by targeting a 'Premium' audience. Opting for this premium audience doubles the mission's cost.


Analytics on mission outcomes provide creators with insights into engagement levels and the impact

Analytics that a user can obtain include:

  • Missions created

  • Average Interactions

  • Reach Spent

You can view detailed information for each mission, including the exact number of interactions and the top users who have engaged with it.

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