An overview of the rewards mechanism within /Reach.

Rewards play a pivotal role in the /Reach ecosystem, serving as a motivating factor for contributors to engage actively and provide quality interactions to different missions. Here, we provide a detailed overview of how rewards are structured, distributed, and claimed on the platform.

Reward Distribution Mechanism - Engage Missions:

Your reward share is influenced by several factors:

  • Reach Score: A higher Reach Score increases your portion of the reward.

  • Number of Interactions: Engaging with a mission through two interactions—either a like and comment or a like and retweet—yields the highest reward. While a single interaction still earns points, it results in a smaller reward compared to two interactions. However, completing all three types of interactions results in a penalty."

  • Number of Mission Participants: The larger the number of participants in a mission, the smaller your share of the reward becomes. This factor is beyond your control.

  • Comment Relevancy: The more relevant your comment is to the mission, and the more value add it is, the more points you will receive

Claiming Rewards:

Rewards are displayed on the claim page, accessible at https://app.getreach.xyz/claim. They are credited to your account within 24 hours after a mission's completion. Contributors may claim their rewards at any time, once they accumulate a minimum of 400 $REACH, receiving them in $REACH tokens directly in their in-app wallet.

Once credited, rewards can be transferred to an external wallet of your choice, converted to WETH, or used to create your own missions. To transfer rewards, visit the wallet page at https://app.getreach.xyz/wallet/.

Revshare Rewards

Users holding more than 100'000 $REACH tokens are entitled to a pro-rata share of the platform fees, which they can claim on the Claim Page. (coming soon)

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