🆕Getting Started

How to get started using /Reach

1. Create Your Account

To begin, create an account by linking your Twitter account (X.com) at: https://app.getreach.xyz/welcome

You will be led through the onboarding process thereafter. All accounts on Reach are linked to an X.com platform account.

2. Understanding Missions

What are Missions?: Missions are tasks that involve engaging with content on the X.com (Twitter) platform. They are designed to boost the interaction and visibility of that piece of content.

Mission Types: Currently, the platform supports only 'Engage' missions, with more varieties planned for the future. Presently, 'Engage' missions are categorized into 'Regular' and 'Premium.' Regular missions are open to all users, whereas Premium missions are exclusive to users surpassing a specific 'Reach Score' threshold, offering higher rewards than their Regular counterparts

3. Participate in Missions

Find Missions: You can browse missions on the "Missions" page, which can be accessed using: https://app.getreach.xyz/missions. You will only be able to see missions that were targetted at you.

Engage and Earn: Begin by engaging with the mission-linked content—like, retweet, or comment on the tweet. Limit your actions to two out of the three options. Upon the mission's conclusion, your participation will be rewarded with $REACH tokens. Rewards can be claimed on the claim page (https://app.getreach.xyz/claim).

4. Monitor Your Progress

You can monitor your progress on the dashboard (https://app.getreach.xyz/dashboard) and claim pages (https://app.getreach.xyz/claim) to see how many rewards you've won.

$REACH rewards are only attributed once a mission expires, which typically takes up to 48 hours after your interaction.

5. Create your own missions

To launch missions, you'll need $REACH tokens in your in-app wallet on the Base network. Missions can be created from the web app on the "Create a mission" page: https://app.getreach.xyz/create

In-App Wallet Access:

A Mission costs a minimum of 100 $REACH, and prices scale depending on a variety of options such as audience quality, duration, and mission type.

Purchasing Tokens: To fund your in-app wallet with $REACH tokens for mission creation, you have the following options:

  1. Buy $REACH Tokens Within the Web App (feature coming soon).

  2. Acquire $REACH Tokens on Uniswap using your external wallet and transfer them to your in-app wallet. Access the $REACH Token on Base here: https://dexscreener.com/base/0x2307311c861924648b3157fd6f47f6fbce762abd

  3. Bridge $REACH Tokens from Ethereum Mainnet using the Super Bridge. For a guide on this process, watch the tutorial here: https://superbridge.app/base/$Reach

Bridging Tokens Tutorial: For a step-by-step on how to bridge $REACH tokens from the Ethereum Mainnet to Base, watch this video:

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