🪙$REACH Token

The $REACH token powers the entire /Reach ecosystem.


Mission Creation: Utilize $REACH tokens to initiate missions on the platform.

Where can I purchase $REACH?

$REACH has bridged to the Base network for reduced fees, faster transactions, and a better user experience while using the platform.

There are currently two $REACH tokens on two different networks:

How can I bridge $REACH from Ethereum Mainnet to Base?

Prepare Your Tokens:

  1. Acquire Reach Tokens:

    • Ensure you have $REACH tokens on the Ethereum mainnet.

    • You can purchase them using the following link: Purchase Reach Tokens.

    • Store the tokens in a wallet such as MetaMask.

Bridge Your Tokens:

  1. Use Superbridge:

    • Go to the Superbridge link: Superbridge

    • Follow the instructions on Superbridge to bridge your tokens from the Ethereum mainnet to the Base network.

    • The tokens will be credited to the same MetaMask wallet you used for bridging.

Using Tokens in the Application

  1. Transfer Tokens to In-App Wallet:

    • After bridging, transfer the tokens from your MetaMask wallet on the Base network to the integrated in-app wallet assigned to you in the Reach web app.

  • You can then spend your tokens on the creation of missions.

Transferring Tokens on the Wallet Page

On the Wallet page, you can transfer tokens to any external wallet of your choice on the Base network.

  1. Enter Transfer Details:

    • Input the amount you wish to transfer.

    • Enter the recipient's wallet address.

    • Once you click transfer, you should receive the tokens in your external wallets a few minutes later.

For more details, view the tutorial video:

Which wallet is compatible with the /Reach platform?

The /Reach platform exclusively supports its integrated in-app wallet for both mission creation and reward claims. Access the wallet directly at https://app.getreach.xyz/wallet.

This wallet is linked to your Twitter (X.com) account, allowing for seamless transactions. You can manage $REACH transfers to and from this wallet and retrieve your wallet address on the Wallet Page.

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