Referral Revenue Share System

We offer an innovative referral revenue share system designed for selected partners and members. This system allows you to generate additional income by sharing a unique referral code with your user base. Here’s how it works:

How It Works

  1. Partnership Agreement:

    • During a partnership agreement, certain partners and members will receive a unique referral code.

  2. Share Your Referral Code:

    • Share this code with your user base through your preferred channels.

  3. User Participation:

    • Users who sign up using your referral code become part of your referral network.

    • These users can earn or spend rewards on our platform.

  4. Earn Revenue:

    • You will earn 10% of the rewards that users in your referral network either spend or earn.

    • This revenue share continues as long as the users remain active on the platform.


  • Passive Income: Earn a steady stream of income from the activity of your referral network.

  • Expand Your Reach: Encourage your user base to engage with the platform, increasing your influence and potential earnings.

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