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This page describes the use case for Contributors to /Reach.

This section is designed to guide contributors—those actively engaging in missions and fostering discussions—on maximizing their experience and rewards within /Reach, offering engagement strategies, insights into unique platform features, and tips for improving their Reach Score to earn better rewards.

What is /Reach for Contributors

/Reach is a Web App platform that invites contributors to participate in missions, interact with content across varied Web3 communities, and earn rewards in $REACH tokens. Operating exclusively on the Base network, it offers a streamlined way for contributors to enhance content visibility and engagement, playing a pivotal role in enriching the platform’s community culture.

Value Proposition

For contributors, /Reach presents an invaluable opportunity to connect with premium content, engage in meaningful discussions, and help Web3 communities flourish, all while receiving rewards for their contributions. Leveraging AI-driven features like the Reach Score, the platform ensures that authentic and high-quality engagement is recognized and rewarded, creating a mutually beneficial environment for both contributors and creators.

How to Get Started

Begin your /Reach journey by connecting your Twitter account: https://app.getreach.xyz/welcome

Understanding Missions Missions on /Reach are creator-initiated campaigns aimed at increasing engagement with specific content, primarily tweets. Contributors can earn rewards in $REACH by liking, retweeting, and commenting on content.

Once your account is set up, go to the Missions Page, and start engaging with missions. You should complete either a like + comment or like + repost on the missions of your choice.

The platform categorizes missions by duration and audience quality, including 1-hour, 6-hour, and 24-hour missions, each offering distinct rewards and engagement opportunities.

Reach Score

A contributor’s impact and reward potential on /Reach are directly influenced by their Reach Score.

This dynamic metric reflects the size of their audience, engagement quality, consistency, and relevance. A higher Reach Score not only enhances reward potential but also offers a pathway to increase this score through consistent, high-quality contributions.

The score can be viewed on your Dashboard

Rewards Rewards are distributed in $REACH tokens, ensuring a transparent and equitable system where contributors with superior engagement and a higher Reach Score stand a better chance of earning rewards.

Contributors receive rewards 24 hours after missions expire, and these rewards can be claimed on the Claim Page, at any time. Once rewards are claimed, they go into your in-app wallet on the Base Network. They can then be transferred to a wallet of your choice.


Reach provides you with a unique opportunity to monetize your existing Twitter audience, allowing you to earn money immediately by interacting with content on social media—a task you already perform at no cost.

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