🧠Health Check

To uphold the integrity and quality of interactions within our community, we have instituted numerous measures to prevent fraudulent accounts, spammers and bots.

Sign up - Account Health Verification

There is an automated health check that is performed on X.com (Twitter) account of the user during signup. Accounts that do not meet /Reach’s criteria are prevented from signing up on the platform.

This criteria is set by your Reach Score, which you can increase by thoughtfully using your X.com account, by genuinely engaging with others, posting tweets yourself, and gaining an audience.

Effort-Based Relevance Rewarding

The Effort-Based Relevance Rewarding system utilizes an AI-powered algorithm to assess and score tweet contributions (comments) based on their effort and relevance. This allows /Reach to reward good-standing community members and encourage healthy interactions within the ecosystem.

For example:

User A posts: "I am releasing a new feature for my platform called Effort Based Relevance Rewarding, do you think this is a fair system, and will it benefit the community?"

Here are examples of relevant comments:

  • "I think this system will improve the community, as a well-configured AI can make unbiased decisions on relevance"

  • "I think the system is unfair, as relevance can only be judged in the eye of the creator, how about we let the creator decide if comments are relevant rather than the AI"

  • "I think the name of the feature is confusing and you should try to simplify it to make it easier to understand for users"

Here are examples of comments that would score poorly in the system:

The key to your comment to be scored highly by the algorithm is for it to add value to the post, rather than simply posting something for the sake of posting it.

Continuous Monitoring

An ongoing semi-automated monitoring system continues to survey all accounts on the /Reach Platform. The system takes into account returns from the relevance-rewarding algorithm, user's X.com (Twitter) audience, and a variety of other factors resulting in continuous monitoring of the platform for fraudulent missions, and nongenuine engagement behavior.

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