📺Mission Types

Missions are tweets that a creator aims to promote through the Reach community.

Currently, the mission types are only limited to X.com Tweets, but additional mission types will be added in the future.

There is currently one mission type:

Engage Missions

"Engage" missions are designed to amplify your content's visibility and engagement through genuine interactions on the X.com platform. By participating, users can earn rewards in the form of $REACH token attached to the mission, and the creator will get genuine engagement on their content.

Mission Timeframes:

To cater to various strategies and objectives, "Engage" missions are available in three timeframes:

  • 1-Hour Missions: 100 $REACH

  • 6-Hour Missions: 300 $REACH

  • 24-Hour Missions: 100$REACH

Mission Audiences:

  • Regular: Open to all users, these missions encourage basic engagement activities such as liking, retweeting, and commenting. They are designed to boost your content's reach across a broad audience and are more quantity than quality.

  • Premium: Exclusively available to users who meet a specific minimum "Reach Score System" threshold. These missions offer higher rewards and are aimed at garnering quality engagement from a targeted audience with a large network. These missions will typically get less engagement but from a higher-quality audience.

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