Token Holding Requirements and Benefits:

Revshare Role:

  • Requirement: Accumulate more than 100,000 $REACH tokens.

  • Benefit: Qualify to receive a pro-rata share of the platform's revenue, which will be claimable via the Claim Page (feature coming soon).

Whale Role:

  • Requirement: Own more than 100,000 $REACH tokens.

  • Benefit: Currently, there are no specific benefits for the Whale Role, but they are anticipated to be announced shortly.

OG Role:

The OG Role was exclusively awarded to early supporters during the initial Alpha and Beta stages of the /Reach platform, offering them special privileges.

Acquiring the OG Role:

  • The OG Role is no longer available for new users.

Benefits of the OG Role:

  • Token Presale Access: Guaranteed slot in the token presale.

  • Exclusive OG Chat Channel: A private channel for OG members to exchange ideas and insights.

  • OG-Only Competitions and Rewards: Access to competitions and rewards programs exclusively designed for OG members.

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